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The head honcho of Rocket Business Management Ltd is Pippa. She keeps everyone on track but in such a subtle way; we only know about it afterwards.

Meet The Boss

I have based my entire career on being super organised, I can see a problem and know how to fix it and I have learnt along the way that what people really want is someone who can be trusted to get on with a job. 

Before Diamond Office Support was born in 2006, I had a background in sales, customer service, banking, branch management, teaching….I could go on! I had to get used to wearing many different hats, sometimes all at once and juggling many different roles. 

It’s why I decided to start my own business as a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager; it was my ideal job and I could help businesses with the admin and business support. 

Adding P.A.W’s was a natural progression, I could see where my clients were going with their business but sometimes they couldn’t see it and I wanted to help them to grow! It’s an exciting prospect and one that is already helping my clients with the business goals.