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What is an External Business Manager?

An External business manager is “who supports professionals to manage a business/businesses. This can include day to day project management, and management of operations, metric and the team. External Business Managers deal with people management, outsourcing and leading the efforts of the team to meet the businesses goals”.

“You don’t have to do it all by yourself.”

As a business owner, you are accountable for everything that happens within your business.
Accountability is often a difficult thing to come to terms with, when it’s just you on your own. Why not work with Pippa and our fabulous P.A.W’s – Pippa’s Accountability Workshops? Click here to find out more.

Virtual Assistant Team

Rates start at £30 per hour

Work with our team of experienced VAs

Business Management

Rates start at £45 per hour

You might not understand what exactly you need, but we can help you figure that out. 


Rates start at £94 per month

We are here to break the barriers surrounding accountability! 


See What Our Clients Say 

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Pippa has been a fantastic support to my business in the last few weeks and I feel really positive about the future. Pippa is knowledgable and efficient, and provides valuable ideas. She’s an asset to any business. Be sure to have a conversation with her if you’re doing too much admin!

Andy Green - Lyke Owner August 20, 2020

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